Surfing Videos

Surfing Videos
Surfing Videos is an area we update with contributions from customers sending us Surfing Videos that are worthy, and are then imported to a presentation and weekly we update the Video Gallery, with relevant Video’s of locals, events, and Surfing Videos that take a few seconds to up load.

Craig Anderson is one of the great surfers of his time. Welcome Elsewhere is a curation of his most recent time spent on the road, through Tahiti, deep Australia, Indonesia and more. Watch Craig tear it up on the Hayden Shapes models all of which we can get or already have in stock at Surf Shop Peregian.

Rip Curl Surf Wear with innovation and enthusiasm overshadowing technical expertise and quality, the pair’s interaction with surfers is what led Rip Curl Surf Wear to become the famed surf brand it is today.

Just another day at Jaws for some of the best surfers in the world, getting wiped out is no fun.

Jet Skis at peril rescuing wipe out’s at Jaws

Worlds largest waves ever ridden in the World 100ft at 02:50min (REAL FOOTAGE)Carlos Burle Portugal

Tahiti-Locals Only

Un-mistakable style of Sunnycoast Klips presenting a Klip about a Sunshine Coast Surfer, Jack Duggan