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7s Superfish NSP Epoxy

Hire Surfboards from Surf Shop at the most competitive rates on the coast and all you have to do to find out is give us a bell to find out availability on 07 54713489 in normal business hours.
Surfboard Hire Offer 7s Superfish Epoxy
If you hire one of these great little 7S Superfish boards, and you decide you want to buy one, then we will refund one days hire off the price of the new board. So its sort of a hire, buy, and days hire comes off the price of the new one, easy peeeesy.
See the complete range of boards at Surf Shop Peregian Beach on the Sunshine Coast.
7S superfishSurfboard Hire Sunshine Coast
Offer NSP Epoxy
These Surfboards have the greatest reputation amongst “Learn to Surf” schools for their toughness and great surfing for beginners to intermediate.
We will do the Hire buy deal, on these NSP surfboards as well.

Hire Surfboards Sunshine Coast
Hire Surfboards are an inexpensive way to have a good surfing experience and all you have to do is drop by to the shop and check availability at Surf Shop Peregian Beach or phone us and have a chat to the friendly staff, being Kirsty, Stevo, or Evert on 07 54713489.
Surfboards depicted in these photos are for model styles only and arn’t necessarily those for hire

SURF SHOP – Peregian Beach

Surf Shop
Surf Shop Peregian Beach

We’re all about seeing people stoked. We stock core hardware, Surfboards and fashion, in a village friendly atmosphere. We stock leading brands in surf hardware, splashed with a solid range of surf wear. We carry Malibu’s through to short-boards from some of the most reputable shapers on offer. Come and check out our range, as we offer competitive prices, and also great package deals.
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7S Superfish II Surfboardthis all time “most popular” 7S Superfish II Surfboard has finally been updated to increase both performance and durability. A very deep single to double concave heralds a new bottom (not what it sounds like) A concave that provides extra drive and planing due to the extra lift in the tail, adding that extra speed in an already sick shape. The fliers now look like the real thing as does the swallow tail by definition, providing release off the tail when you want it and also creating that extra speed. Hey it still has that famous “step deck” that lets it float better than most and the step doesn’t interfere with the rail action.
Extra glass is used to make this board durable. The fin set up is a 5 fin plug system and FCS fins provides the steering system.

7S Superfish II

7S Superfish II one sick little puppy…get one!

The 7S Superfish comes in PE finishes, X-2 Epoxy and new Carbon rail FF for the most responsive experience.
Get yours atSurf-Shop Peregian Beach 07 54713489

BUY 7S POLY Epoxy Surfboard HERE.

7S Superfish II Poly Epoxy

7S Superfish II Poly Epoxy













BUY 7S Superfish II Future Flex Epoxy HERE.

7S Superfish II future Flex Epoxy Surfboard

7S Superfish II future Flex Epoxy Surfboard














7S Superfish  II X2 Epoxy

7S Superfish II X2 Epoxy













Happy Customer Steve Cheong

Happy Customer Steve Cheong

Steve came in with a few questions.  Ticking all the boxes, the 7S model from Global Surf Industries certainly fit the bil, and Steve from Coolum Signworks, is a happy surfer that couldn’t wait to get his brand new retro style 7S board in the water,… probably cover and all.

Happy Steve Cheong all bagged up and ready to go.

Global Surf Industries Surfboard Demo Day

Demo Day Some Boards in Action

Froth on These

Global Surf Industries Surfboard Demo Day

Global Surf Industries Surfboard Demo Day was held on Sat 26th Nov at Peregian Beach. Many new Surfboards were due for release just days before this event, are being made available by Global Surf industries for every one to Demo. Great board brands like 7S, Aloha, Webber, NSP, Walden, Alaia Boards and a few more new models thrown in for good measure,…to be advised.

Surf Shop Peregian offered a 5% discount off the retail price, on all the Boards on Demo purchased or ordered before the 29th Nov. This offer was for three days only and ended on 29th Nov. Also, a top brand Leg Rope and Deck Pad to the value of $90, was iincluded with the 5% discount of you purchased within these days. So plenty of crew came down on Sat 26th on the beach in front of the Peregian Surf Club and later converted their demo ride to a purchase.So,…if we saw you there any time after 8.00am, to just after 12.01.pm thanks for turning up.
Sponsored by Global Surf Industries and Surf Shop Peregian Beach.


Bob McTavish Doin' It

Pretty Much Bullshit

It’s pretty much bullshit on the south east coast, north of Maroochydore when a NE wind is prevailing. If you’re a surfer that is.

Thought I’d do some thing different this morning then, and ride my bike to work, (fun) but the visor on my helmet decides to go south, and the roads were wet any way.  No,… not a woos, just five round-a-bouts to negotiate in the greasy wet is no fun. Yeah, OK, woos.

Stopped in at Victory, but the view from the platform was bumpy, washy, and shitty.

Work at the surf-shop is mostly fun, so it’s off to “fun” I go.

What’s been popular this week has been the 7S and new McTavish models by Global Surf Industries.

Pretty Much Bullshit

One guy suggested recently he wouldn’t buy any imported or overseas made boards, as it is “un-Australian”. Pretty Much Bullshit I feel (He drove a Toyota, and wore Chinese clothes) well, that’s my opinion as it is, and these surfboards are as good as any local product ever made, and you can put lots of quids back into your own pocket to boot. They are built to a very high standard, and are cutting edge in manufacture. Can’t see McTavish, Webber, Tolhurst, Aloha, etc. signing off on any crap can you?

Getting back to what’s selling this week in store, and the winners are…the McTavish Bobsled, 7S Fish’s and the new Aloha SLXC (carbon rail, no stringer) surfboards. The Bobsled is the new (Bi-Axial layered up glass) model in SLX construction. The information for this is in this link …McTAVISH BOSLED. Brilliant performer!

Special of the week is a second hand Mal, one from the mid-coast NSW and 9’4” long and I could call it a big mans board being 3” through the guts, and x 23” wide. This board would have been about $1500 new and has been hidden under the house for a long time, it’s in great, almost as new condition, and it’s only $890.

This was never going to be a sales page, but I guess I digressed, and as I close the shop for another day, I can lament the broken visor…ah, but it’s raining again, and the weatherman said it wouldn’t. Thanks Liv.

You know you can phone us 7days and inquire about any product or brand we sell, and we can do VISA and MASTERCARD and send it to your door, hasto pronto. Phone us on 07 54713489 ask for Kirsty, Anita or Evert.

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SURFBOARDS and Accessories

SURFBOARDS and Accessories On-Line Shopping

Surfboards, Accessories, and Stand Up Paddle Boards.

Where Do You Get It?

They are all available online here for viewing and purchase, all you need to do is click on your favorite brand and it will link you to the Preview Site. Find your particular “Brand of Board”, then click “Find a Dealer” for the Sunshine Coast Area and select “Peregian Beach” as your preferred outlet and Start clicking:-

7S Seven Surfboard range

NSP Surfboards

Webber Surfboard Range

McTavish Surfboard Range

Aloha Surfboards

Walden Surfboards

Stand Up Paddle Board


From Fishes, Mini-Mals, Longboards, Shortboards, and now Stand Up Paddle Boards and no matter what level of surfing you are at and what type of waves you enjoy I’m sure we have the right board listed here for you. Don’t  you think it is time to unlock your inner-self and Get a second board and embrace the “quiver” way of thinking?   As the surf offers a new challenges every day, and you need a board for each occasion, we invite you to check out our list, and unlock the inner challenge in yourself.

FOR McTAVISH …Byron Bay enter the following link:


Fins Eye View
You may go to our online store to get the full picture on Boards HERE