JACK McCOY-Deeper Shade of Blue

Jack McCoy – Deeper Shade of Blue
Deeper Shade of Blue
Underwater videography has had the bar raised recently by Jack McCoy. Jack McCoy filmed stunning sequences of surfers from inside the waves. Tracking them with the German made ultra fast high powered sea scooter called, the SEABOB
With this, Jack has been capturing the surfing vision in a truly unique way. Jack found that he was able to travel behind a wave, creating underwater images that have never been seen before. “Now I’m free to not only track the action, but get to places underwater quickly and film things I’ve never been able to show before.” This SEABOB has a range of approximately 10 miles underwater, McCoy’s HD camera is mounted to the top of the scooter and is designed to be able to tilt up or down, as well as spin 360 degrees, to allow him to film extraordinary angles.
Over the past couple of years, McCoy set out to capture footage for his surf film, A Deeper Shade of Blue. During the editing process, McCoy put one of his surfing sequences to a song off McCartney’s The Fireman album. A mutual friend, Chris Thomas, saw the footage while visiting McCoy in Australia, and when he returned to the UK he gave McCartney a copy of the sequence. Music legend Paul McCartney was so impressed, he recruited the award-winning surf filmmaker Jack McCoy to create the music video for his previously unreleased track “Blue Sway.” Paul was pretty stoked with what McCoy had created. Jack said “When I heard that, I started dancing around the room because I could imagine editing my shots to the song,”
The movie, Deeper Shade of Blue was played to an enthusiastic audience at Maroochydore Cinemas. The crowd was enthralled by the passion of Jack McCoy, entertaining before and after the movie with anecdotal gems that the audience were eager to hear about. Deeper Shade of Blue, the surfing movie, displayed in all its glory on the big screen, was a gem. The story line took you far away, to countries and surfing cultures that havn’t been presented in this way before.
Jack McCoy, presenter, film maker extraordinaire, has an unbridled passion for filming surfing and the culture of surfing. At the movie he said, “This movie took five years to put together, and I think its my last” I personally cant see Jack McCoy hanging up the shutter…Can you?

Other trailers for this film are at this link:-http://www.adeepershadeofblue.com/trailers

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Forgotten 16mm. Footage
Hal Jepsen’s Seventies Surfing Package
Movie Night Friday 16th Oct. Golden Breed Courtyard Noosa
Well, now that the nights are warmer, it’ was time to hold that next movie night.
This time it was Hal Jepsen’s “Go For It”…a ‘greatest hits’ package originally released in 35 mm. It did little business on the circuit in Aust., which is a pity cos this flick has all of Jepsen’s absolute killer footage- Bertleman in a huge afro, a young Tony Alva pool skating in Cali, lots of great crochet bikinis, monster Pipe, Sunset and the Bay and more crochet bikinis..
Plus some ultra daggy hang-gliding and goofy sounds…that was dug by all.
And all the better cos its never been released in any other format, digital or otherwise.
Plus they showed a selection of groovy promos, ads and shorts.
Hope you got there…see the poster attached for all the usual old stuff, and as usual, it was byo chairs and drink/food
Standing room only and a great nostalgic time was had by all.

GetAttachment2 FORGOTTON 16mm. FOOTAGE

The Way It Used To Be

The Way It Used To Be

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