CHRISTIAN WACH-Noosa Festival of Surfing-Seaglass Project

CHRISTIAN WACH at Noosa Festival of Surfing

Seaglass Project Tom Wegener

CHRISTIAN WACH-Noosa Festival of Surfing
A young bloke called Christian Wach has been spending the last few weeks in the company of like minded people at Noosa and just happened to compete in, the Tom Wegener’s Finless Pro Division at the Noosa Festival of Surfing.
It doesn’t end here however; Christian opted to ride one of Tom Wegener’s Seaglass Project models that Tom designed for Global Surf Industries. In Christians words “the board was super fast and easy to ride, and paddled faster too”. A Seaglass Project finless board was part of the prize for the Finless Pro Division

Look Mum-No Fins

Look Out No Fins

CHRISTIAN WACH at the Noosa Festival of Surfing

Needless to say Christian won this event, and what was remarkable it happens to be the first Pro Finless competition for all types of finless boards ever. It seems another first for Noosa and a young bloke called Christian Wach.

In a totally unselfish gesture Christian decided to sell the Tom Wegener Seaglass board he won, and donate the profits, (read 100%), towards the Japanese Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief Fund (Red Cross). Christian is also known for doing artwork designs on boards and for a small fee offered his artwork on the bottom of the board, the fee also being donated to the fund.

Se It Believe It

Wanna Buy? will put you in the running.

Christian says “I have so many friends and supporters in Japan, their stoke, loyalty, and culture is so abundant in our surf industry, and I think the least we could do is help out with the intense struggles the are facing”

What a great gesture by Christian, and he is hoping to raise about  $400 + for a “rad board” and going to an “even radder cause”


Bob McTavish Going Vertical



The Truth Uncovered

There was a time and it is now Surfing History when a film maker, David Bradbury (arguably one of the best Aussie Doco’ film makers) did justice to the McTavish and Brewer argument.

What was Bradbury doing making a Surfing Doco? Well when asked this question Bradbury said, “ I grew up with Midget Farrelly and Bruce Brown were heroes of mine, so I was happy to run with it even though it was out of my norm, it was interesting to step outside my comfort zone of Political and Social issue events”. Continue reading


Constable Wins at Port Macquarie

Festival. photo : Michael Tyrpenou/Surfing NSW

Josh Constable (Noosa, QLD) today backed up his Australian Longboard Title, by recently claiming the first ever Australian Stand Up Paddle Title at the Country Energy Australian Surf  Titles.

Port Macquarie, NSW – Sunday, 23 August 2009: Josh Constable (Noosa, QLD) created a piece of Australian surfing history at the Country Energy Australian Surf Festival after being crowned the first ever Australian Stand-Up Paddle champion. Constable proved his unbridled talent to all at Town Beach, and Constable was in great touch, showing no signs of fatigue after winning his fifth Ausrralian Longboard Title. “I’m over the moon,” he said after defeating Matt Lumley (Torquay, VIC), Keahi De Aboitiz (SunshineBeach, QLD) and Tully St John (Noosa, QLD), who finished second, third and fourth respectively, in a high-scoring, action packed final, “To be the first ever Australian Champion is such an amazing feeling”, he added. .

“Today was the first time I have ridden a stand-up paddleboard in two years,” he admitted                   The hybrid discipline, which takes inspiration from surfing, skiing, wakeboarding and skateboarding, continues to rapidly evolve and grow in popularity, something which Constable is happy to be a part of.
“I’ll be back next year to defend my title,” he added.

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1. Josh Constable – 15.40pts
2. Matt Lumley – 14.30pts
3. Keahi De Aboitiz – 11.35pts
4. Tully St John – 6.25pts