Mick Fanning Wins J-Bay

Mick Fanning Wins J-Bay
Mick Fanning wins J-Bay Open in South Africa beating Joel Parkinson in the final. The first wave of the heat Fanning makes a double-barrel and commits to powerful carves scoring a 9.0. He then finishes strongly on 17.00 overall to claim his second World Championship Tour win of the season and his third at Jeffreys Bay
Mick reflects, “I had the perfect board and fin set up for this event: I used the same size board with a narrower tail which gave the maneuverability and response I wanted, and my large fin gave me the control I needed, especially on the last day in the bigger, windy conditions”, added Mick after the win”.

Two ASP World Titles have been won by surfers riding the FCS II fin system since being released onto the market, 2011.

Mick Fanning Wins J-Bay

On the final day of competition J-Bay provided the perfect canvas for long tube rides and fast carving rail turns; conditions that are tailor made for Mick’s signature FCS II fin template.
FCS press release stated recently that, “FCS is excited to announce the global release of the new FCS II System and Essential Series fin range. Set to become the new world standard in system technology and performance, FCS II is designed to accommodate all surfers; regardless of their age demographic, surfing genre, or the boards and waves they’re riding. I think that was back in 2011 and goes round again…cant keep a good thing quiet.

Mick Fanning Wins J-Bay


Billabong Pipe Masters 2012

Billabong Pipe Masters 2012
The ASP World Title,
UPDATE 10/12/12
The ASP World Title, this is the second time (first 2009) the title has come down to the wire and on the last event of the season.
It is stil almost too close to call with a few other contenders sniffing, and you now have to rule out Mick Fanning who just didn’t get any luck going his way in the heat
Joel Parkinson, Kelly Slater and the Sniffers what can you say about that…predictable to the end but not necessarily in that order.

Who is it going to be??

Well Pipeline can dish out anything…that’s a given
All contenders are in plain sight limbering up on their favourite breaks, the Aussies at the Goldie and Kelly in a competition.
Mick Fanning is no longer in contention as mentioned earlier, so that puts the pressure well and truly on the current leader Joel Parkinson.
And as for Kelly…will that be another story?
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ASP World Tour Changes

ASP World Tour Changes
The biggest change in pro surfing in 30 years will be decided by the ASP Board in France.
An offer on the table from the people behind the rebel tour in 2009 is to take over the running of the ASP World Tour.
An Oldie But Goodie

Terry Hardy, Kelly Slater’s tour organizer, the force behind the move, appears to have the support of the majority of surfers. To accept the proposal or not, sees the event holders divided. ASP has proposals from two other parties bidding for various elements of tour rights at the same time.
A lot has changed in the last three years. Both Billabong and Rip Curl not traveling too nicely, with Quiksilver also experiencing tough times, it seems to be that the traditional pro-tour sponsors, may not be willing to keep ASP afloat any longer.

Terry Hardy and his team are striving to shore up surfer support, backed by 11-time world champ Kelly Slater to give it grunt, commented publicly on his desire to take the tour away from the surf industry. Their problem is, there still appears to be support from the existing events.
Recently with new investors on board, Hardy’s group pitched again to ASP in Australia in February. The ASP saw enough merit in Hardy’s approach to grant his group a period of exclusivity to refine their deal, based on input from the events and the surfers.

Unified media rights is pivotal to the deal, which has been a long-standing weakness of the current tour structure. Brands would pay $1 million to sponsor an event, the administration would take on all other running costs and on-sell media rights. Many of the surfers other concerns with the current tour have also been addressed.

Less is known about ASP’s other two suitors, but they may not even get a hearing if the ASP Board votes to accept Hardy’s proposal.
Extracts from;- http://www.surfinglife.com.au/news/asl-news/7167-a-new-tour

WAVE POOL – Ipswich

WAVE POOL – Ipswich

WAVE POOL’s surfing is becoming more popular through out the world as major tourist attractions. They also attract serious surfers for a bit of R&R away from the surfing madding crowds.
WAVE POOL’s are these days big business. Not suprising then that one Company has the name of KELLY SLATER involved, and is sure to draw world wide attention, and deservedly so.
The City of Ipswich is locked in a race to get the first WAVE POOL for Surfing with of all places, the GOLD COAST.
Ipswich is 100km west of Brisbane and about that far from any Surfing beach you could name, but that’s the reason for it, to be first with a purpose built WAVE POOL for Surfing.
The project would be privately funded with backers already lining up to go, and that includes KELLY SLATER’s own company, the KS WAVE COMPANY.
“This could be reality within a couple of years as the technology and backing is there, but it is just about getting the details right” a spokes person for KS said.
World Patents
WAVE POOL’s already exist in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia all generating set after set of seriously good waves for experienced Surfers chasing that ultimate wave these pools provide.
Councillor Pisasale Mayor of Ipswich Shire said “Ipswich had a compelling case for wave pool attraction. Ipshwich would be perfect as we have the climate, we’re close to the State Capital and a fantastic tourist attraction for Ipswich”.
IPSWICH the new DUBAI of the west!

The Goldie already has surf and tourist attractions so it makes good economic sense to go west and locate at Ipswich. Just far enough away from the coast but share a part of the reportedly $3 billion the coast generates in the surfing industry.
Ipswich would be the inland Surfing success and would totally soak it up.
May-be the Sunshine Coast could host a Wave Pool instead of the Goldie!
Yeeeeewwww! IPSWICH,… go get it!
Put in a bid Sunshine Coast!

Billabong Pro – Tahiti 2012

Billabong Pro – Tahiti 2012 16th – 27th August.
World Champion surfers headed up by Kelly Slater having a chat on how it is when the surf is pumping. Enjoy the Clips


Neat little footage of Slats doing his stuff and talking about development of his FCS Fins.
Enjoy the neat little surfing Klip and the Klips that open on the link namely Sally Fitz, CJ Hobgood, Mick Fanning, Ryan Hipwood, Jeremy Flores, Julian Wilson and a few others, so go see for yourself!…


Constable Wins at Port Macquarie

Festival. photo : Michael Tyrpenou/Surfing NSW

Josh Constable (Noosa, QLD) today backed up his Australian Longboard Title, by recently claiming the first ever Australian Stand Up Paddle Title at the Country Energy Australian Surf  Titles.

Port Macquarie, NSW – Sunday, 23 August 2009: Josh Constable (Noosa, QLD) created a piece of Australian surfing history at the Country Energy Australian Surf Festival after being crowned the first ever Australian Stand-Up Paddle champion. Constable proved his unbridled talent to all at Town Beach, and Constable was in great touch, showing no signs of fatigue after winning his fifth Ausrralian Longboard Title. “I’m over the moon,” he said after defeating Matt Lumley (Torquay, VIC), Keahi De Aboitiz (SunshineBeach, QLD) and Tully St John (Noosa, QLD), who finished second, third and fourth respectively, in a high-scoring, action packed final, “To be the first ever Australian Champion is such an amazing feeling”, he added. .

“Today was the first time I have ridden a stand-up paddleboard in two years,” he admitted                   The hybrid discipline, which takes inspiration from surfing, skiing, wakeboarding and skateboarding, continues to rapidly evolve and grow in popularity, something which Constable is happy to be a part of.
“I’ll be back next year to defend my title,” he added.

You can read the full story and view other surf industry and more about Josh Constable and the preceeding links. links on this story
1. Josh Constable – 15.40pts
2. Matt Lumley – 14.30pts
3. Keahi De Aboitiz – 11.35pts
4. Tully St John – 6.25pts