“SHAKA”greeting to you too is a hand gesture that sometimes gets mixed reactions and open to different interpretations. We would have to go back a long way to discover the origins.
One theory says it dates back to the Spanish explorer times greeting the Hawaiians with the suggestion of a drink which was greeted in return as a “Hello” gesture by them, and they would respond almost like wise, with their interpretation of the “SHAKA”greeting to you too.
So we can assume it originated, as a return gesture of friendship by the Hawaiians.
Has been suggested in later days, the Hawaiian “Shaka”greeting to you sign, could originate from a misinterpreted, suggested pub trip, and “time for another round”. Another good will gesture no doubt.
Generally speaking, it is classed as giving a friendly bird, and now days it meaning has changed with the times, to mean “hang loose”, or to “chill”, and be “laid back brother”, whether he is or not.

“SHAKA”greeting to you too

It can be used as a positive reinforcement. If somebody did something good, cool, or great, you can give them a “Shaka”greeting, as a sign of approval. It can also be used as a welcome/goodbye sign.
Most people would give the “Shaka”greeting, as a sign of “Wassup” or “Hello”, or use it as a way of saying “goodbye”, and even use it as a “thank you”.

shaka SHAKAgreeting

“Shaka”greeting to you too

Now just for a bit of useless information regarding, the most people to ever stand on one surf board is 47, that’s according to the Guinness Book of Records. The most surfers to ever get on the same board was 47. The surfboard was scaled up to 12m and the 47 surfers boarded at Snappers Rocks, Queensland on 5 March 2005.

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MODERN Blackfish Surfboard

MODERN Blackfish Surfboard
The MODERN Blackfish Surfboard has high quality finishes are obtained when using traditional materials and laminating with the original Polyester construction to produce a strong functional surfboard.

Modern Surfboards Blackfish 768x1024 MODERN Blackfish Surfboard

Modern Blackfish Surfboard Surf Shop Peregian Beach

All the polyester MODERN Blackfish Surfboard are CNC milled from the shapers files and laminated by hand, using quality components such as Hexcel fiberglass, Silmar resin and Bennett foam from Australia.

MODERN Blackfish Surfboard

For years traditional polyester boards have been at the forefront of performance surfing. These boards feature a progressive flex pattern controlled by a high-grade timber stringer and feel very stable under your feet and Polyester Surfboards perform in all surf conditions that are adapted to suit a wide variety of surfboard models.Now what makes this model go is really quite interesting in that’s it’s a single to double concave that compresses and directs the water flow adding lift and drive. The Modern Blackfish Surfboard combines the usability and performance of a contemporary fish shape, with the striking aesthetics of traditional resin tint colors. Wow!
The wide point on this surfboard is forward to assist with paddle efficiency, and to aid in maintaining speed in smaller conditions.
The rocker is well balanced and has moderate lift in the nose and tail. This design lets you get into waves early, accelerate fast off the bottom, then perform fluid turns on the open face.
So go get yours and have some really great fun from: Surf Shop Peregian Beach.

– See more at:
http://www.surfindustries.com/shop/au/surf/fish/modern-blackfish-surfboard/#sthash.Z3xXrRDq.dpuf –

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Medina Wins FiJi Pro

Medina Wins FiJi Pro
Gabriel Medina Wins Fiji Pro Over Nat Young
Gabriel Medina has regained the #1 position on the ASP World Tour Ratings following his recent win at the Fiji Pro. In the final Gabriel defeated Nat Young surfing with the FCS II Performer PC Carbon Large fin template.

Medina wins FiJi Medina Wins FiJi Pro

Medina Wins FiJi Pro

The smaller conditions also prompted Medina to make some calculated changes to the FCS II fin material he was riding throughout the event.
“I was riding the Performer PC for some of my heats because it has a little more flex in the tip, but for the final day I switched back to the stiffer Performer PC Carbon so I could make quicker transitions and push even harder through my turns.”

Medina Wins FiJi Pro

Huge congratulations go to Gabriel and Sally for stitching up a double victory for FCS II in Fiji. At last count 9 of the top 16 men, and 9 of the top 15 women were actively riding the new system.
The extended clip is only available with adds at full length…But enjoy it all!

Since its inception into the market the FCS II system has won industry design awards, two ASP World Titles, and numerous WCT victories.

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CARBON VECTOR CONSTRUCTION 7S Fish Surfboard delivers superb performance by collectively harnessing all the flex character of Epoxy combined with the strength of Carbon.
So is that clear?…
Carbon Vector technology allows for a stringer less construction, with high density EPS core which is then laminated with Biaxial fiberglass layer, then a distinctive Carbon fiber webbing which is positioned on the bottom, and curved up over the rails, then finished off with an Epoxy resin that also has good anti uv properties, that keep the board whiter longer.

7S 14 super fish 3 clr cv CARBON VECTOR CONSTRUCTION 7S Fish Surfboard



What the Carbon fiber webbing does, is to evenly spread the tension over the entire surface of the board to help produce a lively, yet controlled flex pattern with exceptional memory recall.
The Biaxial fiberglass covering the deck adds to strengthen and reduce even further to prevent delamination. Carbon Vector constructed boards (CV) feel pretty dam fast are light and extremely responsive in all surfing conditions

technology cv img CARBON VECTOR CONSTRUCTION 7S Fish Surfboard

Carbon Vector technology

CARBON VECTOR CONSTRUCTION created by GSI, compliment a range of board models and designs due for release shortly, and this construction has during testing to have proven to have superior flex properties over other board technologies by up to 20%
The model mentioned here is the New 7S Fish, so all you fans of this and Fish lovers have GOT to check this range out soon at Surf Shop Peregian Beach

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WORLD SURFARIS-Surf Adventures

WORLD SURFARIS-Surf Adventures
World Surfaris Will Get You There!
Just when you thought you couldn’t take your Mal to the Maldives…You can! In jumps WORLD SURFARIS and organises it all for you. Easy as you please, and Surf Shop Peregian Beach can point you in the right direction!
World Surfaris-Surf Adventures offer the best spots, like Riptides, Chickens, Sultans, and Cokes just to name a few, all within close proximity of each other on your very own motor boat, with luxury or budget accomodation available.

Further Information

Transfers are included, your mobile phones can work on roaming settings, and Wifi works in most places. All Guided Tours are with expert Skippers and Crew. Surf lessons are not included as tours are suitable for low, intermediate and above levels of ability. Bring your own boards, but for diving, gear can be arranged.

All charter crew have a min. of five years experience, so maximum surf time guaranteed.

world surfaris WORLD SURFARIS Surf Adventures

world surfaris





Are you overdue for an epic World Surfaris-Surf Adventure?
Come down and see us about booking today through us at Surf-Shop Peregian Beach and World Surfaris you’ll have it made.

Epic at the Maldives 1024x606 WORLD SURFARIS Surf Adventures

Epic at the Maldives

WORLD SURFARIS-Surf adventures

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GAME FACE Sunnycoast Klips

GAME FACE Sunnycoast Klips
GAME FACE Sunnycoast Klips by Steve Maloney was by part the end product, of a weeks hospitality from Quiksilver at the Gold Coast during the Quiksilver Pro. The Quiksilver Corporate box was perfectly positioned for some more great klips. So watch his space.

Game Face  GAME FACE Sunnycoast Klips


GAME FACE Sunnycoast Klips

Watch the worlds best surfers getting their Game Face on last week as they
free surfed the heck out of the Gold Coast and tore Snapper Rocks to pieces.
Quiksilver Roxy Pro at Snapper was a gas on that Tuesday 4th, that saw all the Girls in action, and what a surf turned on for them and the rest of the week for that matter for everyone. The girls ripped it up with Steph Gilmore took it out for Quiksilver.
The Guys must have been spewing because the surf was pumpin’, with some sets showing long barrels, with average size being over head and a half, and the girls loved it!.
On the final day of the Quiksilver Pro,…in the Finals saw Parko get pipped…you get that.
Here is the video klip of classic Snapper with the “best of the best” that Stevo put together, and enjoy.
Starring | Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Julian Wilson, Kolohe Andino, Mitch Crews,
Dane Reynolds, Owen Wright, Adriano De Souza, Josh Kerr, Ace Buchan and Matt Banting.
Enjoy the Game-Face-Sunnycoast-Klips

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Quiksilver Pro Mick Parko Kelly

Quiksilver Pro Mick Parko Kelly
Owning a Surf shop and stocking Quiksilver and Roxy does have it’s advantages. they have a little thing called a Corporate Box, where they invite clients for a few days viewing and event watching right over Snapper. Oh, and did I say great food and a beer or two to while away the occasional hooting.

Box Seat at Snapper Quicksilver Pro Quiksilver Pro Mick Parko Kelly

Box Seat at Snapper












Quiksilver Roxy Pro at Snapper was a gas on that Tuesday 4th, that saw all the Girls in action, and what a surf turned on for them.
The girls ripped it up, Carissa Moore was off the planet!

Quiksilver Pro Mick Parko Kelly

The Guys must have been spewing because the surf was pumpin’, with some sets showing long barrels, with average size being over head and a half.

Mick fanning Quiksilver Pro Mick Parko Kelly

MF behind the rock.
Sunnycoast Klips

The guys got in the water as soon as the event was over for a bit of free time, with Mick putting on the hard face. He needed to, because he was sharing the line up with two hundred people in a fifty metre take off area, along with Parko and Kelly. Mick got the biggest barrel and totally smoked about twenty guys in the line up. Never seen so many guys panic all at the same time to get out of the way. Apparently when these guys put on their surfing face, it’s written all over them “look out take no prisoners”. They just surf like no one’s there!
Mick Parko and Kelly were doing their thing…Rippin’it to shreds!
It was tough for all these guys, as every one was clambering just to be in the surf with all three World Champions at once.
Just another day on the world tour for three great champions Quiksilver Pro Mick Parko Kelly

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Coolum Surfing

Coolum Surfing
Coolum Surfing and its nearby beaches like Yaroomba and Peregian beach, can offer holiday visitors a variety of great surfing sections to investigate.

Julian Yaroomba Coolum Surfing

Julian Wilson Yaroomba

Coastal Watch website provides visitors information about surf conditions, beach status, and weather reports. Details from the official website include videos weather swell height and direction, wind speed and direction and high and low tide times. Pretty comprehensive you might say. Also if you want further details an other site is Seabreeze

Coolum Surfing

The scenic beaches are regularly patrolled by conscientious Surf Life Savers who present an environment of safety, for surfers of all skill levels and bathers too.
Also on the agenda must be the laid-back village style atmosphere at Peregian Beach for a look at.
The other highly urbanised area that has made Coolum sought after for holiday makers to the Sunshine Coast is its variety of accommodation that is available to it’s visitors, from Vanning to High end.
If you are more serious about learning or honing your surfing skills, Surf Shop Peregian Beach is the place to gain valuable tips from real surfers with years of surfing experience. We can also arrange private surfing lessons to suit your timetable.
Here is a video called “Ybrah” featuring classic surfing from an all star cast from the Coolum Surfing region.

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Noosa, the play ground for some rich and famous from time to time.

summer swim Noosa

Weekend Warrior Events Noosa

Celebrity spotting comes and goes as fast as a Massimo ice cream with out much fuss. The generosity of the people visiting Noosa that to many are called tourists, mingle with the locals with out much fuss, and opt for the front stalls in the local cafe’s are all part of what has made Noosa and it’s surrounds a vibrant place to stay and visit.


Now, I must say that Noosa again envelopes the beaches down to Peregian. Thanks for that, and maybe if all goes well, include some well known hinterland towns into its area as well. Enough for politics.
Noosa Nationals
It’s 4.30 am and I got a park down in Nationals by just five spaces, whipped out my McTavish Evo “Epic” board, waxed up and got my gear on. You see the word had got around that there were some waves around at the points. Having been starved of a decent surf for a while I thought I’d get lucky. Nope.
The points were fairly crowded already with a fair bit of bump action going on, and also some lost boards on the rocks from those that persist the purity of log surfing needs no leg rope, no sympathy I’m afraid.
Making my way forth the popularity of Noosa was as ever apparent, with at least a bus load with their boards making their way behind me.
As a local i think its only right that we do go out of our way to let the tourists get value for money here, if we don’t then they wont come back and our economy will go south.
You know i think I’ll go back to the car, get dressed and wait for the guy to set up his coffee machine and let the tourists have some fun…sounds patronising, not meant to be.
$5.00 for a medium flat white fits the bill and yeeeewwww Cyclone season is coming!

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Health Tips from the Pro Kelly Slater

Health Tips from the Pro Kelly Slater
Kelly Slater Health Tips
Once in a while when surfing around the Net you come across articles that impress, and “Health Tips from the Pro Kelly Slater” is one. The following in it’s entirety, is one that needs to be read, as it gives an insight into how Kelly maintains his health, fitness and competitiveness, and, what he really thinks.
I think you will enjoy reading the un-edited version of insights of Health Tips from the Pro: Kelly Slater By Gem, aka Mrs Barefoot in the Kitchen.

So… I felt like a bit of a stalker/groupie researching all this stuff but I’m going to claim I did it all as a part of homeschooling my 5yo icon wink Health Tips from the Pro Kelly Slater It’s all about education peeps!

Best Looking
As a passionate healthy foodie myself, Slater has earned my admiration. At nearly 42 years old, he is still at the top of the ASP World Tour, and is as good lookin’ as ever. That is saying a lot, as Kelly was voted in the top 50 of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People in 1991. He was also voted Best Looking by his Cocoa Beach High School class. He was hoping to get the award for Most Talented. I think his track record has proven that now, with 11 World Title wins under his belt.
He was the youngest and is now the eldest winner of an ASP World Title, the next most successful surfer was Mark Richards with four world titles, followed by Kelly’s childhood hero Tom Curren (a solid Christian), who earned three titles.
Music in his Blood
He is also an accomplished musician and has toured including performed live performances at the Australian Opera house and in California with Pearl Jam.

Health Tips from the Pro Kelly Slater, So what is his secret?

Well, I mean, apart from being incredibly brainy (he was not only a whizz at high school math, but also completed a Masters Degree in Criminal Law at Sydney University, Australia in 2004).

He directs this super brainiac power toward learning about nutrition.
Kelly started getting into healthy living around the age of 20 and is self educated through the Internet and friends. He spends hours researching online about nutrition. He reads every ingredient panel of everything he buys. He believes everyone should do this and can’t understand why people wouldn’t, although he acknowledges that he used to be the same in this way. Health Tips from the Pro Kelly Slater

Kelly drinking fresh coconut Health Tips from the Pro Kelly Slater

Kelly Drinking Fresh Coconut Milk in Bali

He grew up eating whatever he wanted: Ice-cream and lollies. He believes that parents have a great responsibility to teach kids healthy eating habits and regrets that this was something his own mother didn’t prioritise, while recognising her value as the woman who raised him. His father was a drunk and abandoned them. His dad later died from cancer.

Role Models
I’m not the biggest fan of teaching kids to look to people as role models because, hey, no one is perfect and no matter how famous or talented one is, you are just another human being walking this planet. “The rich and the poor have this in common, The Lord is the maker of them all.” Proverbs 22:2
The thing I like about Health Tips from the Pro Kelly Slater though, is that in spite of all the fame and hysteria, he has retained enough humility to actually publicly confess his wrongs. Like the fact that he didn’t call his daughter for three years or keep in much contact with her at all. (Yes, he has a daughter. He was also married once.) He has carried a lot of grief and guilt over not being there for his daughter, and over cheating on a partner – and one might say “so he should.” The thing is though, this kind of humility and recognition of wrongdoing is rare in the surf scene. To see humanity remaining in someone so revered and idolised is refreshing.
Kelly has expressed some of his feelings of regret through music and has recognised the power of living and enjoying the present moment without carrying old baggage into it. For many years he would reach goals but find that when they were obtained his mind would always be somewhere else, striving and regretting. Being able to let go and move on has been an important change to him.

Competitive to the End
Clearly a very intelligent man, he loves to surf and has an extreme competitive drive.
“I remember playing golf with Kelly a few years back, probably one of the few times I’ve ever had him beat on the front nine of the course. And I said something to him like, ‘Looks like I’ve got you down pretty good,’ and I looked in his eyes and saw something change. That scary competitive side was coming out, that fierce determination. Immediately I knew I’d made a mistake, and then he just buried me on the back nine. Kelly just wants to rip your throat out competitively. He is definitely the most extremely competitive person I ever met in my life.”
— Al Merrick, founder of Channel Islands Surfboards and Slater’s longtime shaper. Speaking in Stab Mag
Yet while Kelly recognises that growing up as a younger brother taught competitive skills, he claims that his main aim with surfing is to stay fit, healthy and strong. Knowing that his father died of cancer has spurred his own health journey on. He has also made the choice to rarely drink alcohol, although one time he had a big night drinking and combined it with marijuana and ended up vomiting his guts up. Not a fan.

Feeding the King
“If you eat lunch or any meal with him, you’ll see why he’s got all the money and
you’re broke.”
— Kalani Robb, former ASP world tour competitor, speaking in Stab Mag
He has been drinking kombucha, a fermented, probiotic tea for many years and drinks other teas as well as almond and coconut milk based smoothies and fresh pressed juices throughout the day. Being a professional athlete, he feels that natural sugars in the form of fruit are an important source of energy and carbohydrates, but he avoids carbs from refined products and junk foods.
He occasionally has a hot chocolate as a treat or additive free coconut milk based ice cream, sweetened with raw honey and fruit. He also says that he makes a mean pancake (Somehow I can’t imagine these would contain wheat flour and processed sugar!)

Natural is Good
He sees the obesity epidemic in Western nations as being a direct result of the SAD “Standard American Diet.” He varies his diet according to his sense of what he needs (eg. recently cutting down on meat). When he consumes meat, he likes it lean and chooses ancient meats like Bison. He also likes chicken and fish. His basic ideology is to stick to what is natural. He loves avocado and coconut in spite of being perceived by some as high fat and therefore unhealthy, he feels that they are natural and therefore good. Kelly accredits eating a healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle to making all the difference in his athletic ability and states “you’ll never see a fat professional surfer.”

Sustainable Foods
He loves eating in Singapore as he is a fan of Asian and spicy foods. He also loves fish tacos. His fave restaurant in the world is a seafood restaurant on the coast of France, near Spain. However, he is an advocate of sustainable fishing so that the oceans resources are not depleted. He loves Salmon but likes to eat locally, so that means he rarely has he opportunity to eat it, but when he does, he loves it cooked simply, with crispy skin (Yum! My fave!)
He is outspoken against Genetically Modified Organisms and the seed owners Monsanto who have great control over the food chain and do a lot of experimenting in Hawaii. He avoids non-organic food. He is a poster boy for Chia seeds grown in Western Australia and claims that he will never stand for something he doesn’t agree with ethically for financial gain. He has started eating Chia in the mornings and finds it fills him well until later in the day. His morning routine for many years has included a glass of detoxifying Lemon in warm water with Honey, followed by fruits for energy before surfing. He has also been trying Paleo breakfast cereals. Paleo cereals might contain such things as activated Nuts, seeds like Chia and perhaps activated Buckwheat.
He eats Quinoa and Brown Rice. I couldn’t ascertain if he soaks them to remove anti nutrients and bitter/irritating Saponins, but I imagine with all his research that he would be well informed about that. He can cook for himself and eats a lot of salads with his meals and comforting soups in cool weather.

No to Chemicals
Living a healthy lifestyle covers more than just what you eat and Kelly extends that to the point that he doesn’t wear conventional sunscreen or take medications as he tries to avoid toxic chemicals on or in his body.
In addition to surfing, he plays golf and is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and does other core building exercise. He aims for at least 8 hours sleep a night – even if it means being late for meetings in the morning.

Regardless of age, Kelly believes he can improve his health further from now. He has some old injuries but feels that this gives him room to improve and that he can continue to grow in his skill as a surfer. He looks at Tom Curran as an inspiration in this respect, recognising hat Tom surfed better in his retirement than he even did while on tour. Kelly himself once retired but later came back to the surf circuit and has only improved and won title after title. He claims that he feels very fit and as strong as he always has and hasn’t found that his metabolism has changed as he has gotten older either.

What’s Next?
Slater is still leading the fray in the surf scene. Who knows what he will achieve in years to come? For now, he continues to look for ways to improve his health and life in the surf scene and beyond and is working on opening several wave parks as well as being committed to his surfing schedule and keeping in touch with his daughter, Taylor. He also has a girlfriend who has of a couple of years who supports him, often by traveling with him on the tour.
In retirement his goal is to be self sufficient and have an Aquaponic farm – growing veggies in fish poo rather than soil! At the rate he is going, who knows if that day will ever come?
By Gem, aka Mrs Barefoot in the Kitchen
Health Tips from the Pro Kelly Slater

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