Waves Winds and Tides

Waves Winds and Tides
From time to time we here at Surf-Shop get asked “what’s the tide doing?”
Well, all that ask are obviously some sort of watermen or another. Whatever rocks your boat to do with the Waves, Winds, or Tides, we all know we can’t get enough of it.
This Surf-Shop Peregian Beach blog hasn’t dealt with the complete Waves Winds and Tides picture in the past, as there are a number of great sites that do, and I wont list them all here, but, we’ll make an exception with just this one. It has been worthy of our notice over the last year that we have been following it. Seabreeze has been very accurate, in real time, on a daily basis. Yyeeeeewwww!
So if you want to know the exact conditions right now,…what the Waves Wind and Tides are doing in real time, then so do we.
So what ever you water passion,..what rocks your boat, takes your bait, brakes you leggie,
or fills your kite, then you can get the best live weather reports and forecasts from here at this live link:-

Example of the graph that you run your mouse over, for it to give LIVE immediate reports, go see.

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Seabreeze Weather Mapping

Seabreeze Weather Mapping

Having a chat about Surf forecasting and a new site to me was mentioned by a new proud owner of the latest 7S surfboard.

Yep, Wade was right about this site. It has everything you would want to know about the weather and some.

I have attached a couple of links that take you to the relevant information for the Sunshine Coast. I can ask my self where have I been?  This site is awesome and the big suprise is when you hover your mouse over the graphs. Just check it out!